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  • Dock Leveler Hook Pulling Hook FM - Hook Universal Dock Hook
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Dock Leveller Hooks from PBW Manufacturing helped my business immensely. It was a great loss to my business to be constantly buying new hooks after they broke.

David - Private Logistics Company

PBW Manufacturing gave us lifetime guarantee. We didnt even need to use the guarantee given. No breaks.

Thanks PBW Manufacturing.

Laura- Williams Shipping Experts

I've been using Dock Leveler hooks for 20 plus years. The biggest issue with these hooks is the breakage near the handle area. We've ordered from countless manufacturers and still the same breakage issue near the handle area exists. We found PBW Manufacturing online while searching for better dock leveler hooks. PBW Manufacturing dock hooks have lifetime warranty. Its been over a year and we have not been able to break one Dock Leveler from PBW Manufacturing LLC.

John RL Transport